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I’ve had a few identity conversations lately with Q. Not of the “what’s your identity” type, as he doesn’t seem to have many questions around that, but more of the type that gets into the grey areas of how he plays out his preferences. Like about his hair and his clothing choices. It’s interesting to notice how ensconced he is in his staunch view that choices he makes are because he LIKES things. And that clothes should be for KIDS, not for boys or girls. And on and on down that line of reasoning. I think he’s so settled in this place, for now, that he told me today that thinking about “boys liking girl things” is sort of outside of the domain of his thought. Today I was chatting with him about The Princess Boy. And, in many ways, Q’s response was, to one extent or the other, “What’s all the hullabaloo. He’s a kid and that’s what he likes.” I’m intrigued by this all, particularly as there are still parts of who Q is that make life quite hard for him at times. Our biggest struggle of late involves locker rooms and the pain that he’s experienced there…for both being mistaken for a girl and for being questioned about his fashion choices.


Choices, mind you — as in, “choosing what I like to wear.” Not “choosing to wear girls’ clothes.” I appreciate that there’s a nuanced distinction for Q. And that he can voice it to a certain extent. I don’t think the world is yet that nuanced, unfortunately, but there are many paving the way. Thank goodness.

So, identity. It’s an intriguing thing.


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I’ve been away from this blog for a bit. While I’ve cooked up a few different posts in my head, for some reason they haven’t come out of my fingers and onto the page. I do promise that they will.

In part, though, I think that I’ve stayed away because I’ve noticed some things that seem hard, in my eyes, for Q, and it gets me down. Now, not all of these things are hard in his eyes, but I see them and my mama instincts rear their head. Also, I’ve just had a lot of moments lately where I wish that I didn’t have to deal with a son wearing dresses, nail polish, etc. And I know that’s all about me and the struggle it is for me sometimes. It really isn’t a struggle for Q, and I’m constantly amazed by that. But he calls me to be bigger than myself so much, and sometimes lately, I just find myself shirking that calling a bit.

So, that’s kept me away.

In particular, I’ve been feeling a bit sad lately about Q and friendships at school. He has one super close fabulous friend. But, as I’ve watched kids make new connections this year and traipse off on playdates, I see it being a bit harder for him. He’s always gravitated towards girls. He identifies with them more, it seems. And plenty of girls like to play with him. But when the rubber hits the road, he’s still a boy, and I think that sets him outside the circle of play a bit. With boys, he also enters play and has lots of fun. But he remains outside the circle there sometimes as well, probably due to the skirts, headbands, etc. Now Q does not seem upset about this. It’s really about me. And though this blog is about my journey parenting Q, I’ve hesitated to write about this kind of stuff because it feels like it’s more just about me. And, dare I say, my “issues.” Ack!

But, in the spirit of honesty. And truly sharing the journey, there you have it. When I focus on my boy, keeping him happy, and nurturing his growth and future happiness, all is really right with the world. And ultimately that’s the most important thing.

Looking out at the world

Looking out at the world

A quick PS: Thanks to my lovely friend T for giving me the boot I really needed to actually get back on here and write. I mean it.

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