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Hearing in CA supreme court today about the constitutionality of Proposition 8.

Here’s just a smattering of coverage of the day from the internets:

I’m humbled by everyone taking up this struggle in their own way, from arguing directly, to being in the streets, to blogging the events, to donating money, to sending psychic energy….really, I think it all makes a difference in this here global community. And I don’t think it can hurt that Ken Starr seemed to be, shall we say, not in top form….here’s hoping we don’t have to wait the full 90 days for a decision. And that it’s the right decision.


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Thanks to those who responded to yesterday’s post telling me to calm the $#%$^ down. I will. And I think I am. Perhaps the thinking and writing about it actually made me sound or made me be more hyped up than I am in reality. So let it be known that I’m taking a chill pill. Enjoying the calm of the status quo with life. (insert deep breath here)

In addition to relaxing, I’m waiting and wondering and considering. I saw the movie Milk tonight and enjoyed it thoroughly. In addition to the enjoyment, I was given pause by so many things.

1. Many of the TV report blurbs that they showed about family values vs. gay rights could be the very same things we hear today, which I find shameful, but mostly saddening.

2. I was so struck with the passion and selflessness of Harvey Milk. How he followed his beliefs, literally, to his death. I feel like we have so few examples of that now. There are the fervent activists, those who proclaim their passions at every turn, and groups who fight for rights. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge, honor, and participate in some of those groups and causes. Yet there seems to be no one out there who is so visibly leading a fight for rights like Milk did. And this sets me to wondering whether we (and especially folks ’round about my generation) are just too complacent, whether we fail to learn and learn from history. Do we just hide behind the internet as a supposed tool of organizing and activism? I could go on and probably will when I think more about it. But really, I am wondering who the new leader will be, in particular, in the struggle for queer rights. And it’s high time we have that person because our rights continue to be in jeopardy.

3. I left the movie wondering what Milk would think about the status of queer rights today. On the one hand, there I was, with my legal wife, at a movie, kissing in public (gasp!), etc. No fear. We knew we were in a safe environment, as we do most days in our community. So there’s that, on the one hand. On the other, there’s California, Prop 8, the rights of queer folks being taken away. What would Milk say about these extremes?

So, I’m relaxing, but I’m also really wondering here. And thinking more. Stay tuned.

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