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Sometimes I wish that folks could see how ridiculous their objections are. Objections to gay marriage, because, you know, my marriage will make theirs less sacred.

Portia DiRossi recently made a “PSA” about the “ill effects” of gay marriage on folks who are against it. It’s hilarious. Completely hilarious. Have a look.

And let’s hope that some of those pro-prop 8 folks will see and hear how ridiculous their arguments are.

Hey, I can hope, right?


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My son likes to talk about “long long ago when people thought gay people shouldn’t get married.” For him, it’s long ago, in the scope of his almost 6 years of life. And only because we live in Massachusetts. To him and his friends (when I’m lucky enough to hear them talk of it), marriage equality is a no-brainer. It’s simple: two people love each other and they want to get married. While he’s working out how to name the future relationships that he’ll have with his two best friends, both girls (one will be his wife, the other the roommate; no, both wives; no, one the wife, one the aunt; no, both roommates…), he’s using evidence from what he knows: it’s all about love. The people you love are those you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Not many would argue with the simple logic of a five year old. Yet too many fear that that logic will impinge on their lives, their loves, their children. If my marriage is somehow hurting your child (and how might that be?), imagine what your despise for my marriage is doing to my child. I’m sure we’d all choose to have our kids affected by love rather than hate any day.


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