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I’m in an ongoing conversation with a teacher/friend about gender and identity. She shared how her 5 year old son is very into the notion that “colors are for everyone” lately. No “boy colors” or “girl colors.” Any color for any person.

In talking about Q and how confining sex and assumptions around gender can be, she suggested the notion (which was really suggested by this wise 5 year old, but not in so many words) that gender is for everyone. As in, any gender for any person. Or every gender for every person. Or whatever gender anyone wants. No restrictions based on stereotypes. It came from the suggestion, by said wise 5 year old, that on a particular day when he was hanging out with Q and folks kept thinking Q was a girl, that maybe, in fact, he WAS a girl that day. None of us really know, he suggested. So wise. And so doable inside of the notion that gender is for everyone. So, I’m going with this conceptualization. I like it and am using it.

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This has been one of Q’s favorite phrases for a long time. He likes to talk about love. Which I love, of course!

Along those lines, please have a look, participate, blog, tweet, etc along with the blogswarm (my first ever!) The only agenda is love. I’ve blogged before about Prop 8, the right for everyone to marry the person they love. It’s not about what my marriage means for your marriage or your kids or my kid or kids I might teach. Really, it’s all about love. Wise, these little people are, I tell you.

Have a look at the agenda: 7 conversations in 7 days. It doesn’t take much. Most are digital conversations. But if we come together, make our voices heard, I think that more folks will be able to hear the wisdom of love.

love, pure and simple

love, pure and simple

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Something I love about mothering Q and being openly supportive of who he is, how he differs from social norms, etc, is that I get to be an opening for others to share their similar experiences with me.

Friends who write about their sons playing with gender, wearing dresses, wanting to be girls, etc, to others who ask how I explain certain situations to Q that involve gendered (or otherwise) stereotypes. Or even to the teachers who share with me ways that they open up dialogue in the classroom so that Q feels welcome with all of the sides of his identity.

I think that he and this journey push people along their own journies, and I like to think of myself a bit as a hitching post for some folks. A place to rest and gather themselves. To refuel knowing that they are not alone on this path.


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Shameless plug

I posted over at my other, oft-ignored blog today. It’s about community, which relates to this here blog. And politics. Which does, in a one-step-removed kind of way. And voting. That link you’ll have to make on your own.

Come on over for today.

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