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Love it!

The scene:

Cubby area in Q’s lovely kindergarten.

The players: Q, boy 2, boy 3

All three boys are huddled together looking at a book about weather. They get up to get on their things to leave.

Boy 2: Q, I really like your necklace.

Q: Yeah (he doesn’t really know how to respond to a compliment). It has dragonflies.

Boy 3: And it sparkles!

How much do I love these kids and this school?!?!? We are lucky, I say.

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In no particular order:

  1. Boys, if left to their own devices, will inevitably make weapons and “play” with them.
  2. Hannah Montana is ONLY for girls.
  3. Performing shows is a girl-only pursuit.
  4. Boys can only play with old dolls, not new dolls.
  5. Boys are VERY likely to break toys, even if they are age-appropriate.
  6. Black is for boys.
  7. “Kids mostly get meaner as they get older.” A direct Q quote, and it bore out, unfortunately.
  8. Boys in velvet pants get NO compliments.
  9. Boys are not beautiful, only handsome.
  10. Leaving our dear little bubble is hard. Very hard.

(As you hopefully guessed, these are not such beloved or welcome lessons. But most rolled off the back, or perhaps even evaded immediate response. I’m sure the ramifications will surface soon.)

What did you and your loved ones learn this holiday season?

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